Christopher Adamson


Christopher hails from York, England, where his aspirations for acting came to him during high school when he auditioned, was accepted and received training from the National Youth Music Theater. He continued to study drama at high school and theatre studies at college in 2002. He then took several career path changes whilst also appearing in some productions at York University in 2006 and student film before moving to Prague in 2014 as an English teacher.


Since his move, Chris has performed in Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll with the Akanda theatre company; Dick and Jayne Get a Life, a Three Peas Productions show for Prague Fringe 2015; and roles in two Blood, Love & Rhetoric productions: Chekhov: From Russia with Blood, Love & Rhetoric and The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.


Chris also plays piano, sings and spends his time outside of teaching English researching, reading and indulging in the creative. He is very much enjoying going with the flow and finding new experiences and opportunities as a diehard romantic dreamer, and he also makes a mean omelette.