Washington and Milwaukee! Detroit! Toledo! Pittsburgh! Cincinnati! Philadelphia! Columbus! Charleston! and New York!
They all demand protection! And no ‘Phooey!’

No ‘That’s not nice!’ will stop ...

U Výstaviště 21, Praha 7    Tickets: 220 Kc (180 Kc/student and per person in groups of 5)

About the show


What happens when there are no more heroes? What happens when supervillains are the only ones who can offer you protection? What happens when good people stand by and do nothing?

In Brecht's The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui we see Evil seizing control of a fantastical Chicago through corruption, murder, butchery, and extortion. Big business, City Hall, the police, the masses and the Supreme court - one by one they fall to the diabolical mastermind at the heart of the darkness, until his rise to power as gangster emperor is complete.

Written by Bertolt Brecht

Directed by Logan Hillier

Assistant Director: Kendra Klinchuch

The cast and crew

Arturo Ui - Beathe Linde 
Roma - Aneta Kölblová 
Givola - Mar von Zellen 
Giri - Klára Vosecká 
Dogsborough - Angela Jane Kemp
Young Dogsborough - Salwa Dor Carmenaissa 
Ivy - Radka Vlachová
Dockdaisy - Victoria Hogan

Clark Jeff Koch
Butcher - Chris Adamson
Flake - Oscar Nagar
The Cauliflower Boys - Jeff Baugh, Mark Fitzhenry, Kiro Nushev 
Ragg - Maggie Maxwell

O'Casey - Jim High
The Actor - Vanessa Gendron 
The Court - Lindsay Taylor 
The Dullfeet - Curt Matthew and Nicole Adelman 

The Pastor - Marc Cram
The Barker - Martin Enev

Lighting Design - Dominik Karasek

Set Consultant - Susanne Kass ♦ Set built by Michael Pitthan

Production Team - Eleanor Wilson, Sylvia Tomová, Vladimir Ivlev, Carmen English, Anna Romanovská

Photography by Martin Večeřa


About the venue

Studio Alt@ is a converted warehouse that now serves as a theatre, art gallery and cafe in Holěsovice.


Some information on its location and how to enter, as written on the English version of its website:


Studio ALTA is situated in the industrial area on Bubenská street. There are two entrances; one from Bubenská street 43 and another through a small passage on U Výstaviště street 21 (right next to the car bazar). The closest public transport is the tram stop for trams 17, 12, and 24 at Výstaviště Holešovice.


After 23:00, the entrance from U Výstaviště is closed, so please use the entrance from Bubenská street.


For more information see the maps below.                                                                                    

The cafe at Studio Alt@.