Daniel Brown


A co-founder of Blood, Love & Rhetoric's improv comedy troupe, Daniel has worked as an actor and director with theatres in the U.S., Canada and Europe since 1982. His training includes commedia dell'arte, clown, improvisation, drama therapy and classical theatre. He has taught acting and lectured on theatre in places ranging from prisons in America to the Royal Shakespeare Company and Cambridge University in England. Arriving in Prague in 1998, Daniel has directed at various theatres in the Czech Republic (in Czech and English) and is the founder and Artistic Director of Divadlo Miloco. He is also on the faculty of the Prague Film School.


As an actor, Daniel has worked in numerous films and filmed over 30 television commercials. He recently completed his 10th season on the popular Czech television series Ulice, where he plays the role of Henry the barman. Daniel has worked as an acting coach for film and TV (including Anne Frank and Oliver Twist), as a dialogue coach on many feature films, and in workshops with improv guru Keith Johnstone. Daniel has a Masters degree from Cambridge University in the history and philosophy of science, specializing in the history of psychology and psychiatry.