Des Caminos


Des is a girl constantly looking to surprise people. She enjoys living life on the edge as well as spending countless hours binge-watching improv groups around the world. Raised in Florida, she was surrounded by jokes and witty people … unfortunately she realized it wasn’t the people with funny jokes, but rather Florida itself was the joke.


When moving to Virginia she was introduced to theatre, immediately became infatuated with improv, and played with other like-minded individuals in college. Des has a degree in Psychology and Sociology, and when put together she could do absolutely nothing with them after graduation.


Des moved to Prague in 2014 and has been performing stand-up comedy at different venues. Through these unique and windy venue roads she learned about Blood, Love & Rhetoric players as well as the different Czech beers. Des expanded her theatre and improv knowledge through Blood, Love & Rhetoric’s improv comedy workshops. Des made her debut in the winter of 2015 and is excited to continue exploring Blood, Love & Rhetoric, Czech beer, and improv!