Saturday 22nd March at 7.30pm

Sunday 23rd March at 4pm



Bělehradská 45


Tickets: 200kc/150kc for students and groups of 5 arriving together

THE CARETAKER by Harold Pinter


SATURDAY 22nd March 7.30pm

SUNDAY 23rd March 4pm


at CAFE UTOPIA, Bělehradská 45

On the lunatic fringe of a nightmare future London a homeless old man struggles to survive. Re-imagined by Blood, Love and Rhetoric, Curt Matthew is - the Caretaker - a man of unknown origin and uncertain future on a desperate quest to Sidcup.

After being rescued from certain death by Aston, a kindly neighbourhood vigilante, the Caretaker is taken to his bunker and offered solace from the endless storm outside. There he meets Mick, the less kindly brother of Aston and a man with a plan AND a van.

The Caretaker is Pinter's master-study in deception and innocence and demonstrates a world where deceit coupled with isolation have made time, place, identity, and language ambiguous and fluid.


Tickets 200kc/150kc (students / groups of 5+)


Reservations at - seating is limited, reservations will be prioritized


Cafe UtopiaBělehradská

(45roh s Wenzigovou ul.5 min. od I.P.Pavlova)


Directed by Logan Hillier



Curt Matthew as DAVIES

John Poston as ASTON

Jim High as MICK


Lighting by Dominik Karasek

Stage Management by Allison Zoe Schneide