Saturday 26th April at 8pm


Studio Alt@

U Výstaviště 21, Prague 7


Tickets: 200kc/150kc for students and groups of 5 arriving together

THE CHILDREN'S HOUR by Lilian Hellman


Friday 25th April at 8pm

Saturday 26th April at 8pm

STUDIO ALTA, U Výstaviště 21, Praha 7


The idyllic peace of Martha and Karen's country boarding school is shattered when a malicious child makes a false accusation that strikes at the heart of a long-repressed secret. The lie threatens to destroy the two women's dreams, reputations and livelihoods and the truth may be too much to endure.


Tickets 200 kc/150 kc groups 5+

Reservations at or

Seating is limited, reservations will be prioritized


Directed by Beathe Linde

Produced by Blood, Love and Rhetoric


Madelyn Marcella as Martha Dobie

Beathe Linde as Karen Wright

Klara Vosecká as Mary Tilford

Curt Matthew as Colonel Walden Tilford

Logan Hillier as Joe Cardin

Angela Jane Kemp as Lily Mortar

Allison Zoe Schneider as Agatha

Leova Thuy Ly as Rosalie 

Bara Noskova as Evelyn

Anna Davis as Peggy

Daria Pshenichnaya as Lois

Sofia Bukovka as Catherine

Sarah Stotter as Helen.

directed by Nicholas A Windley