Mark Fitzhenry


Mark made the local paper in first grade when he got his head stuck in the back of a classroom chair, and he's been embarrassing himself in public ever since. He's been performing on stages in Prague since 2014, although he first was a sportswriter, a law clerk, a game show champion, and an English teacher in South Korea and now the Czech Republic.


In 2007 and '08 he wrote and performed in short original skits with No Shame Theater L.A. and took classes under Second City Chicago alum Bill Applebaum at Actors Improv Studio. He debuted with Blood, Love & Rhetoric in the autumn of 2014 at their Sunday experimental shows. His stage debut came in October 2015 as a Chicago grocer in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui and also was in Prague Shakespeare Company's The Comedy Of Errors.


He lives in northeast Prague with his eternally patient girlfriend, her two children, and his dog, who, like his owner, is much louder than necessary and constantly looking for something to eat.



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