Improv Comedy Battle vs. Too Soon?

On 28 May 2015, two of Prague's English-speaking improv comedy groups faced off in a good ol' fashioned knock-'em-down, drag-it-out fracas of the funny in front of an overflow crowd at Trick Bar in Malostranská Beseda. In the end, Blood, Love & Rhetoric defeated Too Soon? imPRAGUEisation, although one could also argue that improv comedy was the real winner. 


Photos by  Martin Večeřa. For more from the show via our Facebook page, click here.

Master of Ceremonies Daniel Brown introduces the judges, Will Naameh of Men With Coconuts and Andy Schroeder of Unexpected Productions.

Curt Matthew, with his trusty harmonica, leads Blood, Love & Rhetoric onto the stage.

Rebecca Riisness of Blood, Love & Rhetoric and Bethany Scharnowske of Too Soon? ham it up after a round of the Hat Game.

Nica Latto of Too Soon?

Rebecca and Marc Cram perform for Blood, Love & Rhetoric.

Michael Pitthan and John Poston for Blood, Love & Rhetoric.

Brian Policoff (playing with Too Soon?) and Carly Guglielmelli perform during a musical genre Roller Coaster.

Carly belts out a song.

Blood, Love & Rhetoric is tasked with completing a scene before Mark Fitzhenry (playing with Too Soon?) finishes his beer ...

... and is up to the task as Kiro Nushev ends the scene as a singing pig who becomes famous.

Joe Weintraub picks up a guitar as both teams combine to create a musical.

The grand finale of previously never-been-performed-before "Nebraska."

Joy and relief as Blood, Love & Rhetoric is declared the winner ...

... for which Brian wants to bask in his share of the glory ...

... before he is justifiably pushed away.