Improv Comedy Guest Performances

Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have some experienced improv players passing through (or living in) Prague and either putting on their own show or joining our actors on stage.


  • Lauren Domino of Jet City Improv in Seattle; Andy Schroeder of Unexpected Productions; and Harry Gooch, Will Naameh and Steve Worsley of the Edinboro troupe Men With Coconuts joined us at the Blood, Love & Rhetoric vs. Too Soon? Improv Extravaganza on 28 May 2015. (Photos by Martin Večeřa)

  • Two members of the Czech group Impro KOSA performed at the same show. (Photo by Martin Večeřa)

  • Briana Rayner, who performs with several Vancouver troupes including Virginia Jack, joined us at the Improv Comedy Show on 23 July 2015. (Fan photo by Valerie Muliar)

The Seattle and Edinboro actors did a long-form scene called "Campfire Chronicles."

In the game, audience members share some bizarre stories, after which the actors, in the guise of flashbacks, retell them.

Andy prepares the Men With Coconuts for a series of scary stories that they will soon act out.

Will from Men With Coconuts.

Harry, Steve, Will and Lauren act out one of the stories.

Lauren of Jet City.

It was a full house at Trick Bar.

Will has a new head. And it happens to be Harry's.

Harry shows off his dancing skills as Steve and Andy watch and Lauren claps along.

Will and Steve during their telling of the UFO story.

Steve and Lauren during a telling of the UFO story.

Men with Coconuts on the left, Lauren and Andy on the right.

Andy, Harry, Steve and Lauren.

The actors soak up the applause.

Kuba (left) and Míra from the Czech group Impro KOSA perform a scene at the Extravanganza.

Briana Rayner and Jared Doreck.