Improv Comedy Promotional Shots

Here are some promotional photos for The Improv Comedy Show we have used over the past couple of years. Photos by Emilio Bellu.


Jim, Curt and Joe.

L to R: Curt, Marc, Rebecca, Michael.

Was it something someone said? It's Brian, Tom, Curt, Joe and Jim.

TV night at the Blood, Love & Rhetoric household with Tom, Curt, Rebecca, Marc and Michael.

L to R: Tom, Curt, Joe, Jim, Brian.

L to R, top: Marc, Rebecca, Jim, Michael, Brian. L to R, bottom: Erm ... the same.

Clockwise from top: Rebecca, Michael, Marc.

Curt, Tom, Joe, and something exploding. We haven't tried this on stage yet.

Marc Cram.

Rebecca Riisness.

Michael Pitthan.

Joe and Jim, looking happy.

Aneta Kölblová, looking happier than Jim and Joe did.

Tom Levecchia, who has since moved to the U.S.

Curt Matthew.