Friday 23rd January 7.30pm

Saturday 24th January 7.30pm

Sunday 25th January 7.30pm


DIVADLO Na Pradle,

Besední 3 / 118 00 praha 1 - malá strana

Tickets: 250kc

200kc for students and groups of 5 arriving together

Blood, Love and Rhetoric Theatre, with Duchess and the Kittens, present an ORIGINAL MUSICAL COMEDY set in early 90s Prague. 

A half Czech, half English repatriate, Doris, is thwarted in her attempts to reclaim her family's fortune and ends up repairing washing machines and gambling away what little she has in the Herna bars. Falling into debt with a pair of ex-Soviet gangsters Doris has seven days to find the money or face the consequences.

Meanwhile her French boss is forming an unholy conspiracy between the Herna bar, the Cistirna and the Potraviny. Together they will rule Zizkov and take it to the cleaners unless an Italian detective from Interpol can stop them. 

Written by Anthony John Hillier 
Adapted and Directed by Logan Hillier
Choreography by Iveta Elisabeth Lit 
Music peformed by Duchess and the Kittens 

Tickets 250kc/200kc in groups of 5+
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