Blood, Love & Rhetoric Theatre and Duchess and The Kittens team up to present ...

How Much? Herna Bar: The Musical

8-10 January, 7:30 p.m.

Divadlo Rokoko, Václavské náměstí 38

Tickets: 250 Kc

(220 Kc/student and per person in groups of 5)

Žižkov, circa January 1995 ...

Twenty years ago, a half-Czech, half-English repatriate, Dorris, is thwarted in her attempts to reclaim her family's fortune and ends up repairing washing machines and gambling away what little she has in the Herna bars of Žižkov. Falling into debt with a pair of ex-Soviet gangsters, Dorris has seven days to find the money or face the consequences.

Meanwhile, her French boss at Lullabye Launderettes, Maurice Bezzler, is forming an unholy conspiracy between the Herna bar, the čistírna and the potraviny next door. They plan to ''take Zizkov to the cleaners'' unless Dico, an Italian detective from Interpol, can stop them.

Together with Boženka, a gold digging secretary; Mama Jo, a croupier from Nevada with dreams of transforming Žižkov into Vegas; Prim, a Danish vegan dietician who has ''the Secrets of Raw''; and Jackie, a Slovak barman-jockey with dreams of glory -- How Much? Herna Bar: The Musical shines a hilarious spotlight into the underbelly of Prague.

Written by

Anthony Hillier and Logan Hillier

Directed by Logan Hillier

Cast & crew


Dorris - Angela Jane Kemp

Lenin - Marc Cram

Leviticus - Jeff Koch
Maurice - Michael Pitthan

Boženka - Rebecca Riisness

Mama Jo - Mar von Zellen

Dico - Logan Hillier

Jackie - Beathe Linde

Prim - Radka Vlachová 

Musical directors: Angela Jane Kemp and Mark Newson
Music performed by Duchess and the Kittens


Mark Newson - keyboards ♦ Fredrik Janacek - bass

Martin Gröschl - drums ♦ Andy Fell - fiddle

Clinker - Jim High

Petal - Aneta Kölblová

Sergei - Jake Zahradnik
Rabbi Yitzak - Brian Policoff
Hanka - Anna Romanovska
Janka - Eleanor Wilson
Blanka - Mariya Dmitriova
Hai Long Nguyen - Hai Long Nguyen
Dežo - Martin Enev


Ekaterina Mikhaylova, Kristyna Pesková, Elis Goto, Anna Davis

Technical Director - Dominik Karásek ♦ Set Designer - Michael Pitthan
Choreographer - Ekaterina Mikhaylova ♦ Technical Assistant - Michal Pochna


About the venue

Divadlo Rokoko is located on Václavské náměstí. It can be reached easily by all three lines of the Metro system (Muzeum A/C and Mustek B/C) as well as tram Nos.  3, 9, 14 and 24.