Improv Comedy Special

This Thursday & Friday at Malostranská Beseda, 8 p.m.

with our special guests Jim Libby and Jacob Banigan, aka ...

Rocket Sugar Factory is the North American power-duo of Jim Libby (USA) and Jacob Banigan (Canada). Based in Austria, they tour throughout Europe and North America with their distinct style of impro, performing sweet and powerful theatrical adventures. They have created many original formats including:


  • The world’s first impro board game, The Great Race Pursuit Chase

  • Ella Meant ..., a thrilling attack on genre and styles

  • Or their newest show, On This Date, which has already garnered international praise in sold-out houses.


In the last week of February, they will be Blood, Love & Rhetoric's guests, performing at Beseda for a special edition of The Improv Comedy Show.

Tickets 180 Kc per night

Over their combined 35 years in impro, Jim and Jacob have played thousands of shows, worked with the top improvisers around the world, and have won many international competitions. In 2011, 2012 and again in 2013, RSF took first place in both the Fast Food Münich Impro Cup AND Theatersport Berlin’s ImproCup/Impromania.


They are also just really swell guys. So buy 'em a drink and ask 'em to dance!


Rocket Sugar Factory in action, Theatersport-Cup, Berlin, 2012.

About the players


JIM LIBBY was born in Maine, USA, before moving to Austria and continuing to work as an actor, director, writer and musician.  In Vienna, Jim quickly established himself as an "all-rounder": Stage, Film, Television, Voice­over, Music, and MC. 


His involvement in improvisational theatre began in earnest over 10 years ago as a founding member of the Vienna­based Impro­groups, The English Lovers (national Theatre Sports champions 2003/5/6/8/10/12/14), and the urtheAter (n.T.S.c. 2002). 


Dubbed the ‘Impro­Pope of Vienna,’ Jim is widely recognized as a driving force in the European Impro­Theatre scene.  He was captain of the Austrian National Team for Improvisational Theatre, competing in the World Championships in Germany and has had the good fortune to work, perform and learn from and with some of the best players and teachers in the world.  


As a creator and teacher of Impro himself, Jim is in great demand. He’s worked with literally thousands of people, from all walks of life, on the application of the ideologies of Impro -- from the creation of theatre and performance to team building, communication skills and more. He’s created a number of popular Impro­theatre forms including: 


  • Zwischen frechem Volke (mit Nadine Antler für den Stadts Theater Würzburg)

  • Pfadfinder der Liebe (best new Longform, Halle 2006) 

  • Blind Dates 

  • Salon Eva oder DamenDramen (best new Longform Halle 2009)

  • Ella Meant..., eyeTunes, Frank en Femke, Yo­Yo, and many more.


Jim also helped to create the first full improvised radio drama for the BBC, A Time to Dance, which was nominated for a Sony Academy Award and directed the first fully improvised feature film to be produced in Austria, Another One Opens, which after several cinema runs and winning a couple of prizes, has just been released on DVD.

He is often on tour teaching, developing shows, speaking and performing throughout Europe and North America.


Jim is very excited about his current project, Rocket Sugar Factory, and their fast/sweet productions: The Great Race Pursuit Chase, Dear Genre and On This Date.

JACOB BANIGAN has performed thousands of impro shows of a great variety across Canada, the USA and Europe. He teaches and performs with the goal of saving the world, one scene at a time.


He is associated with many innovative companies including Rapid Fire Theatre (Canada), English Lovers (Vienna), Rocket Sugar Factory (everywhere) and Theater im Bahnhof (Graz) with whom he developed the adventurous MONTAG format. In 2006, Jacob captained the Canadian Shield National Team to victory shared with Belgium in the Theatersports World Cup.


Venue info

Built in the Renaissance style, Malostranská Beseda served as the Malá Strana town hall building from late in the 15th century until 1734. It underwent its most recent renovation in 2009 and looks as it did when it was the hub of the Little Quarter in the 17th century.


Beseda features a restaurant, cafe and pub on the ground floor; a music and theatre club on the first; and the cool and cozy Trick Bar on the second. Once you've enjoyed a drink or two in the bar area, you'll enter the theatre, where you'll feel the wooden floor below you, notice the painted wooden roof above you, and if you peek out the windows you can enjoy a remarkable view of St. Nicholas Church.


The building is located at Malostranské náměstí 35/21, Prague 1 and is easily accessible by tram lines 12, 20 and 22 at the Malostranské náměstí stop.