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Introduction to Improv

Your gateway course into the world of improvisation.

Next courses start 23rd & 24th October 2023

Train every Monday or Tuesday

This is our introductory course recommended for beginning and experienced improvisers alike, as we feel you can never get enough of the basics. You must complete this course to be eligible for our other Blood, Love & Rhetoric classes.

Take the plunge into the wonderful world of making stuff up! Our Improv 101 class is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about performance, acquire some new public speaking skills or just goof around for a couple hours a week.

A comprehensive, intense 6-week course introducing the essentials of improv acting and storytelling covering narrative skills, spontaneity and status work. You'll be introduced to a wide variety of exercises and improv games and learn the key skills and vocabulary to create instant sketches and stories from the simplest of prompts.

Through fun games and hilarious exercises, this class focuses on:
  • Overcoming Fear
    •  Public speaking is feared by more people than snakes, spiders and heights. Some fear it worse than death. This fear melts away and transforms into fun as you find the humor in yourself and others through group and individual exercises.

“There is no such thing as an untalented improviser, only a phobic one.” - Keith Johnstone 
  • Offers and Acceptance
    • Learn to make something out of nothing through directed exercises showing you what people want to see happen in a story in real time.

  • Embracing Failure and Staying Good-Natured
    • Many games stress the importance, even necessity of failure. You’ll learn to accept failure in such a way as to make an audience love you. Story,

  • Status and Character Basics
    • You'll learn a list of terms defining the ways of stopping things from happening. Through these you’ll learn how to make things happen.

  • Taking Risks and Finding Adventure
    • Throw yourself in the deep end and swim to adventure. You’ll learn to create epic stories and push yourself into uproarious terrain. You’ll find yourself gladly going places you never thought possible.

  • Spontaneity
    •  Learn to live in the moment with ease.



By the end of this course, participants will notice:

  • Reduced stage fright 
  • Increased public-speaking skills&  
  • Better social skills 
  • Firm concepts of storytelling, character and status. 
  • Methods of being charming and charismatic. 
  • Increased ability to work in teams. 
All classes include an optional (but highly encouraged) graduation performance before a live audience at the end of the six week course
Plus you'll gain access to many more classes and opportunities to perform live with other Blood, Love & Rhetoric students!
  • 6 x 90 minute classes 

  • Kostelní 32, Prague 7  (ReCompose Studio)

  • Participation in the STUDENT SHOW at end of the course

  • 3500kc for entire course (payable after auditing the first class for free - registration essential)

  • Class size strictly limited. Register at

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