Eva Larvoire


Eva comes from a tiny village in France populated mostly by cows and old people. The lack of human friends caused her to develop her imagination as well as her love for animals, and being used to hanging out with elderly people, she naturally oriented herself towards medicine. At first passionate about her studies, she discovered the joys of theatre in Budapest, and before long it became clear she was studying “on the side” and acting as a main activity.


She moved to Prague in 2013 with the intention of strengthening her theatre skills and making her film debut. She has worked with Blood, Love & Rhetoric in The Physicists and Dr Faustus and is scheduled to play the roles of Agnes and a guard in The Lark; Eva also made her improv comedy debut with the company in November 2015. She has continued to hone her craft through workshops at Central Saint Martins in London, classes at Prague Film School, ongoing Meisner training with Brian Caspe and lots of reading. She can be seen in student projects, features and TV series.


She enjoys all genres and believes that multiplying the experiences is the key to convey authenticity and truth in acting. Maybe that’s why she likes getting lost in lands she doesn’t know the first thing about, or getting stuck in front of a glacier because “that looks like a shortcut.”