The Lover Collection

Harriet Kane is furious. The stair rod broke, her slum boy won't do as he's told, the church bells won't stop ringing and a crazy pirate keeps prank calling the house. Meanwhile Stella, an unhappily ''married'' woman, populates her fantasies with a host of imaginary lovers.

The Lover and The Collection written by Harold Pinter  ♦  Adapted and Directed by Logan Hillier

Production Management by Beathe Linde ♦ Lighting by Dominik Karasek

Cast (left to right)

Richard - Logan Hillier

Harriet Kane - Beathe Linde
William Lloyd - Michael Garamoni
Stella - Mar Von Zellen
James - Oscar Nagar

25 & 26 June, 7:30 p.m.

Studio Alt@

U Výstaviště 21, Prague 7


Tickets: 250 Kc

(220 Kc/student and

per person in groups of 5)


About the venue

Studio Alt@ is a converted warehouse that now serves as a theatre, art gallery and cafe in Holěsovice.


Some information on its location and how to enter, as written on the English version of its website:


Studio ALTA is situated in the industrial area on Bubenská street. There are two entrances; one from Bubenská street 43 and another through a small passage on U Výstaviště street 21 (right next to the car bazar). The closest public transport is the tram stop for trams 17, 12, and 24 at Výstaviště Holešovice.


After 23:00, the entrance from U Výstaviště is closed, so please use the entrance from Bubenská street.


For more information see the maps below.                                                                                    

The cafe at Studio Alt@.