Maggie Maxwell


Maggie Maxwell was born in Normal, Illinois, but has only rarely been near Normal since birth. She made her Prague stage debut in The Great Indoors for the Prague Playhouse, then appeared in The Vagina Monologues (The Flood) for A Broad's Way Productions, made her Akanda stage debut in Marat/Sade Bohnice as Simon Everrade, Marat's wife, and is delighted to be making her Blood, Love & Rhetoric debut as Ragg, the alcoholic, taunting reporter in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.


A Northwestern School of Theatre dropout, she changed her major to British and American Literature so she'd have more time to party while reading dirty books and is, strangely enough, a Phi Beta Kappa. She has also done standup comedy, performance art, and was cast as Villager No. I in the ITV series Help! I'm a Teenage Outlaw. Additionally she's done umpteen student films with the Prague Film School and several small roles in locally-produced Indies. She also sometimes does voiceovers for video games and student films, enjoys yeling "DIE!" from the audience in a loud and intimidating voice during The Improv Comedy Show when she attends, and is the Mad Magster Retro Radio Rocket on Sundays in Narnia in A Maze in Tchaiovna (currently on hiatus).