Michael Pitthan


Michael is an improvisor, actor, musician, voice artist and amateur clown. He loves making people laugh or cry, and since the age of 12 has thought that it's an amazing thing to be up on stage. He was born in Germany, grew up in the UK and now enjoys central Europe, and is thus thoroughly puzzled about where he's from. A "wonderfully confused European" is how he describes himself. His time with Blood, Love & Rhetoric has been explosive, expressive and emotional. He first started improvising with them in the summer of 2014 and since then has also joined them in two stage shows: How Much? Herna Bar: The Musical and Disquiet.


Michael spent several years studying and touring with commedia dell'arte companies in the UK and France. Working on devised physical masked theatre shows was exactly what he was looking for and it was only natural that improvising onstage would follow at some point. Working with Blood, Love & Rhetoric has allowed Michael to add another string to his bow, and given him a chance to work and play with a group he considers to be "an awesome bunch of guys and gals. Hurrah!"


Presently, in Prague, Michael is working with his writer friend Stu Mentha on putting together a tour of their show Jewel Box that premiered at the Prague Fringe Festival and had another run in October 2015, whilst continuing to work on more film and voice work projects. Amongst many other things that float his boat, Michael has also worked as a welder, cook and green grocer. He loves fruit, especially bitter lemons. Very bitter lemons.