Sex, lies and celluloid!


Charlie Fox has the perfect ''prison script'' and a famous Hollywood star and Bobby Gould, Head of Production, now has the power to greenlight it. Karen, after courtesy reading Canicule by Louis Armand, has other ideas.

Speed-the-Plow is David Mamet's searing satire on the backroom politics of the Hollywood movie business.

Tonight, 7:30 p.m.

Divadlo Inspirace, Malostranské nám. 258/13

Tickets: 220 Kc

(180 Kc/student and per person in groups of 5)

Written by David Mamet

Starring Jim High as Bobby Gould  ♦  Logan Hillier as Charlie Fox  ♦  Aneta Kölblová as Karen


About the venue

Divadlo Inspirace is located on Malostranské náměstí, in Prague's historical district. It can be reached easily via Line A of the Metro (Malostranská) and/or tram Nos.  12, 20 and 22.