The next Experimental Show is scheduled for 3 July.

"You have to be able to fail with the improv. You have to not care."

Adam McKay


"All failure is equal, but some failure is more equal than others."

George Orwell, Animal Farm (edited slightly)



Once a month, for better or for worse, we admittedly get a little itchy.


Sometimes we want to eschew our regular format for a long-form, storytelling-type show, perhaps in the style of those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, or in the guise of a dinner party where we re-create the surreal stories that come directly from our audience members. Other times, we just want to try out new games, such as trusting the audience members to provide all the sound effects. Better still, you can never predict when the owner of a teahouse will offer us four penguin outfits, leaving us no choice but to put them on, create a rap song on the spot and perform it as the Beastie Boys would.

Such is the vibe at our monthly experimental shows, held on the first Sunday of every month at the homey, come-as-you-are A Maze in Tchaiovna teahouse, whose new location in Prague 6 (Muchova 241/4) includes an intimate, audience-friendly stage setup. Come on in, and don't bother with the admission price, because there is none. Enjoy a drink from the extensive tea and craft beer menu, catch up with old friends, meet some new ones, and watch us try a game or a format that we've never attempted before. One of our troupe members might even buy you an ice cream. It's been known to happen.

A Maze in Tchaiovna is just a short walk from Hradčanská, reachable by Metro Line A; tram Nos. 1, 5, 8, 18, 20, 25 and 26; and bus lines 131 and 184.