"You cannot explain Joan (of Arc), any more than you can explain the tiniest flower growing by the wayside. There’s just a little living flower that has always known, ever since it was a microscopic seed, how many petals it would have and how big they would grow, exactly how blue its blue would be and how its delicate scent would be compounded. There’s just the phenomenon of Joan, as there is the phenomenon of a daisy or of the sky or of a bird.

What pretentious creatures men are, if that’s not enough for them."


The Lark

5 & 6 December, 7:30 p.m.

Divadlo Inspirace, Malostranské nám. 258/13

Tickets: 220 Kc

(180 Kc/student and per person in groups of 5)

Cast & crew


Joan of Arc - Klára Vosecká
Cauchon - Jeff Koch
Beauchamp - Logan Hillier
Promoter - Jim High
The Inquisitor - Oscar Nagar
Ladvenu - Martin Enev
Mother/Dauphin/Arch Bishop - Victoria Hogan
Father/Yolande/La Hire - Angela Jane Kemp
Brother/Beaudricourt - Mar von Zellen
The young Queen - Kendra Klinchuch

Agnes/Guard - Eva Larvoire

Hangman - Jake Zahradnik

Written by

Jean Anouilh


Directed by

Beathe Linde


Assistant director

Kendra Klinchuch


Lighting design

Dominik Karásek


Technical assistant

Michal Pochna


About the venue

Divadlo Inspirace is located on Malostranské náměstí, in Prague's historical district. It can be reached easily via Line A of the Metro (Malostranská) and/or tram Nos.  12, 20 and 22.