Saturday 1st November 7.30pm

Sunday 2nd November 7.30pm



Záhřebská 21,

12000 Královské Vinohrady,


Tickets: 200kc/150kc for students and groups of 5 arriving together

Having conquered law, theology, philosophy and physics Dr Faustus' insatiable appetite for knowledge and power leads him to employ demonology to conjure Mephistopheles out of hell. He bargains away his soul to Lucifer in exchange for twenty four years of earthly power during which Mephistopheles will be his slave. Faustus signs the pact in his own blood and Mephistopheles reveals the infernal works of the devil. 

Reimagined by Blood, Love and Rhetoric, for their Halloween production, Dr Faustus explores the spiritual wasteland at the heart of a fevered human ego and the hedonistic materialism that emerges from it. Set in the late Victorian era of colliding cultures and dangerous decadence, we will explore the fate of a man who, under the malevolent influence of diabolical spirits, can no longer separate reality from illusion or truth from madness.

Directed by Logan Hillier  
Technical Direction by Jim High  
Assistant Direction by Arica Jeffery 

Jove - Curt Matthew 
Lucifer - Beathe Linde 
Mephistopheles - Jim High

Dr Faustus - Logan Hillier 
Wagner - Martin Enev 
Valdes - Marc Cram 
Cornelius - Joe Weintraub 
Scholars - Vladimir Ivlev and Harry Thompson 

Pride - Rebecca Riisness 
Wrath - Mar Von Zellen 
Sloth - Angela Jane Kemp 
Lechery - Melanie Rada  
Gluttony - Radka Vlachova 
Envy - Eva Larvoire 
Covetousness - Marketa Sisakova