Radka Vlachová


Radka is an actress, musician, occasional model and a native of Prague. Acting and music have been her passions since she was little, and her acting training has included the Meissner technique in Prague Playhouse under Brian Caspe and lessons in Divadlo Neklid under Jitka Foltýnová.


Radka has been part of Blood, Love & Rhetoric since 2012. She first appeared in The Memorandum, a play written by Vaclav Havel. Radka is mostly known for her femme fatale roles in Blood, Love & Rhetoric plays, including Dasher in Adam Gamble’s Medway and Eliska in Christy Hawkins’ Elixir. Her most recent roles include Gluttony in Dr Faustus, Prim in How Much? Herna Bar: The Musical and Ivy in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.


Radka is also a short film actress. Besides her work with Blood, Love & Rhetoric, she was part of the _SMRT_ theatre ensemble in 2014. With _SMRT_ she performed in a play by Gil Vincente, Act of the Ship of Hell. She loves singing, playing on the piano and working with children.