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Hello Blood, Love & Rhetoric Graduates!


If you're receiving this email it's because you're one of the elite of society and entertainment! In other words you've completed the Blood, Love & Rhetoric 6 week Introduction to Improv course and, for many of you, you have also completed (or are doing) the 10 week Intermediate Improv Class.


We're happy to invite you to a new course with a rolling monthly subscription:


The Intermediate Improv Weekly Workshops!

(how are we doing with our alliteration....!?!)


Every Tuesday from 7-9pm at ReCompose Studio.

First class is Tuesday 23rd April


The majority of the classes will be led by myself with special focussed classes led by Tim and guest teachers from the (still mysterious to you but exceptionally experienced and qualified) Blood, Love & Rhetoric ensemble including Dan Brown, Jared Dorek (first class on May 7th) and Des.Caminos (Des will be taking the class on Tuesday 30th April)


Payment is at the extremely low rate 2000kc for access to four classes (8 hours total) - valid until the end of July -  as well as participation in one of the regular end of month shows to be held - specifically for members of this course - at ReCompose.


Payment is due within a week of your first class and can be made by bank transfer only.


Payment can be made - in full - by bank transfer to account:



We've put this rate as low as we possibly can without bankrupting ourselves to make this as accessible to our graduates as possible.


****Payment for individual classes (or anything less than four classes) is strictly not possible for this course. Nor is payment in instalments ****


I've developed a general syllabus for the course but we'll be adapting to what we think is most useful for you each week. The focus will be on preparing you for the end of month show but as well as trying and practising new and familiar games whilst still be exploring new areas of improv and theatrical techniques.


If you wish to come along please hit me up with a message (preferably at least a day before) on email ( or sms, WhatsApp or Telegram on (420) 728 206 951.


Please only use these contacts.


If you end up not being able to come it's no problem but if you don't let me know I can't guarantee a place for you in the class (it's unlikely we'll turn you away but, whilst we can always adapt, I can't over-emphasise how useful it is to have at least a rough idea of how many students to expect).


We'll have more one off workshops and ongoing classes opening up very soon too. If the Weekly Workshops are popular we'll look to open up a second evening as well.


Any questions can be directed to me at or on 728 206 951 (sms, WhatsApp, Telegram).


Best wishes,


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