This class system is for more experienced improvisers (having completed at least Intro to Impro) who wish to expand their storytelling skills.

Special focus is placed on the principles of:

  • Platforms and Tilts

    •  Scene set-ups and redirections for dramatic (comedic) result.


  • Walking Backwards

    • Practice in being comfortable not knowing where you’re going, seeing only where you’ve been.


  • Advancing

    •  Keeping action moving forward.


  • Making Things Happen

    • Unblocking yourself to the possibilities of the future.


  • Circles of Expectation and Reincorporation

    • Learning what the audience reasonably expects may happen from moment to moment by reinforcing your reality.


  • Finding an Ending

    • Training yourself to look for natural endings in scenes and the ways to find an out.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Improvise stronger, more sensible and coherent stories

  • Clarify the elements of a good story

  • Improvise with increased confidence

  • Learn to share ideas and work better with the ideas of others

  • Increase respect of self and others’ storytelling abilities

  • Bulk up the toolkit of storytelling techniques

  • Improvise more challenging scenes

  • 6 x 120 minute classes 

  • At Jingle Bells, Mickiewiczova 240/15, Praha 6

  • Participation in the STUDENT SHOW at end the course

  • 3200kc for the entire course

  • Class size strictly limited. Register at



Play. Tell Stories. Have Fun.