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Musical Improv

This class system is for more experienced improvisers (having completed at least Intro to Impro) who wish to expand their storytelling skills.

  • Rhyming Games and Songs

    • Introduction to the use of songs and music in improv scenes followed​ by fun improv games focused on rhyming, wordplay, and hesitation.


  • Vocal Technique and Confidence

    • Warm-Ups to build vocal strength and confidence. Participating in improv scenes that focus on character through body and voice.


  • Finding a Chorus and Supportive Harmonics

    • Working as a group to create catchy choruses and leading up to finding simple, supportive harmonies.

  • Song Structures and Genres

    • Learning the secrets of song structure and following the formula to create easy-yet-impressive songs in various genres.


  • Ballads, Duets, and Dancing

    • Working on your own and with a partner while incorporating synchronized dances to support the song.


  • Musical Scenes

    • Combining our knowledge and newfound skills to create fully fledged improvised musical scenes.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Feel confident singing onstage

  • Be able to create songs through simple character choices

  • Improve their rhyming skills

  • Understand improvised song structure

  • Create epic choruses and magical music moments

  • 6 x 90 minute classes 

  • Kostelní 32, Prague 7  (ReCompose Studio)

  • Participation in the special MUSICAL STUDENT SHOW

  • 3500kc for the entire course

  • Class size strictly limited. Register at

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